This is a blog for a group of outdoor-oriented NYC-area residents to post thoughts and pictures on the latest weekend mountain bike outings. As a group, we've discovered that we're lucky not only live in or near an amazing city, but also to have access to an amazing variety of natural scenery. Biking happens to be the way our group accesses our natural surroundings. Hope this inspires the reader to 'get out there'! - Carl Kulo (blog creator)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Graham Hills January 9, 2010

Temperatures were in the mid to upper 20s and the sun was bright when we began our 2 loops of Graham Hills. Metro North to Pleasantville and a short ride on 117 gave us a 12 noon start. With a "couple of 3 inches" of snow on the ground the conditions were great. Gerald proved to be the alpha dog, rarely putting a foot down. By 2:30 we had our fill and took the Trailways south on a snow covered path with no prior bike tire tracks. Carl cycled to Tarrytown to the train while Gerald and I took the Trailways to the 1 Train at its terminus in Van Cortlandt Park, getting to the trail at 5 pm.

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