This is a blog for a group of outdoor-oriented NYC-area residents to post thoughts and pictures on the latest weekend mountain bike outings. As a group, we've discovered that we're lucky not only live in or near an amazing city, but also to have access to an amazing variety of natural scenery. Biking happens to be the way our group accesses our natural surroundings. Hope this inspires the reader to 'get out there'! - Carl Kulo (blog creator)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Prospect Park Brooklyn

One of the down sides of living in NYC and loving mountain biking, is the inability to just do a quick after-work trail ride. Sure, I often commute by bike, or do laps in Central Park, but it's not the same.

So when a fellow NYC-MTBer offered an after-work ride at the single track trails of Prospect Park in Brooklyn, I was eager to join. I rode from the UWS down the west side bike path, across the Brooklyn Bridge, to Prospect Park. I met up with three other guys, Simon, Jaret, and Russ. Simon and Jaret, who rode these trails before. They took off like bullets, and really set a fast pace over lots of rolling, single track that intersect the main paved and unpaved paths of the busy Park. It was a really perfect training ride!

Now I can say I've mountain biked single track trails in all 5 boroughs of NYC, including:
* Van Cortlandt Park in the Bronx
* Cunningham Park in Queens
* Wolfe Pond Park in Staten Island
* Highbridge Park in Manhattan
* Prospect Park in Brooklyn