This is a blog for a group of outdoor-oriented NYC-area residents to post thoughts and pictures on the latest weekend mountain bike outings. As a group, we've discovered that we're lucky not only live in or near an amazing city, but also to have access to an amazing variety of natural scenery. Biking happens to be the way our group accesses our natural surroundings. Hope this inspires the reader to 'get out there'! - Carl Kulo (blog creator)

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Mianus State Park before the snowstorm

Carl, Gerald and I were able to get in a couple of hours cycling Mianus State Park before the big snowstorm. Temperatures ranged all the way from 26 F to 29! The ground was frozen and a few patches of ice were about. Conditions were great. Not as well maintained as Huber and Hartshorn, rocks and roots offered challenges but no real dangers emerged under the blanket of fallen leaves.

Easy access from Stamford Metro North granted Gerald and me a warm-up as we met Carl in the parking lot of the Merribrook Lane access.

Dog walkers and runners far out-numbered cyclists.

This venue is a fine option for city dwellers who rely on public transit.

What a great resource this is.


Monday, December 14, 2009

Huber/Hartshorne Woods

Friday, the temperatures in NYC did not rise above freezing and the winds did blow. Saturday, the winds calmed and the thermometer slowly climbed thru the mid 30s up to the low 40s. The sky was blue and Carl, Gerald, Scott and I drove down to the Atlantic Highlands of New Jersey's coast to ride the trails of Huber and Hartshorne Woods Parks. Except for a few spots of surface mud, the ground stayed frozen. The trails were well-maintained and thoughtfully laid out. I had one of my best days on a mountain bike. Unlike the trails we ride in the Hudson Highlands, there were no unexpected hazards to fear under the carpet of fallen leaves.

Come warmer weather, we will return via train and leave on the high-speed ferry. Public transportation is the way to go. But cold winter logistics require wiggle room to allow waiting for mass transit. Cars permit personal schedules and places to stow extra gear but driving in traffic is less than ideal.