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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Fahnestock S.P. January 23, 2010

While we waited for Scott, who missed his train, Hank and I did a brief ride up around the immediate Garrison area and got in a great view of the Hudson and West Point. Then we met Scott "I don't need no friggin' studs" Blau at a Garrison coffee shop and took the beautiful, hardpack roads up towards Fahnestock. We took the Chimney Hill trail to Sunk Mine Road (which was icy but as fun as a trail) and after a brief stop at Neese's Maple Syrup farm shop, took the Stillwater Trail back up to 301 and the 1,ooo foot descent to Cold Spring. Scott was in top aerobic form and made it to the train on time, while Hank and I just missed it and spent the hour warming up with an IPA.


  1. Is that Scott Blau of Datacap? If so, I used to work him!