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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Blue Mtn. January 16, 2010

Great day at Blue Mtn Park near Peekskill, NY. Hank and I met up with two guys, brothers Mark and Eric, whom we had met last year on the train back from Peekskill. Usually, we were coming back from a long road ride, and they were returning from riding Blue Mtn. They know Blue Mtn trails well, and took Hank and I on a great tour, including Switchback, Stinger and Monster and a few other highly technical singletrack trails. The mtn bike community is filled with great people like Mark and Eric who are so happy to share their love of the sport with others.

Thawing conditions made for a ride consisting of snow, ice, rocks, and plenty of mud. After the ride, we had considered riding the Croton Aqueduct back to Tarrytown, but ended up circling back to Blue Mtn for another brief ride through the park. We got our bikes washed at a car wash (that was a first!) and waited at the Peekskill Brewery for the train back to the city. On the train back, Hank reminded me how lucky we are to have all these mtn bike resources near NYC, and how lucky we are to be able to enjoy them.


  1. The 2 post cross check for facts! Next time, I intend to see if the ride has already been posted before I write it up.