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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Blue Mountain

On the Metro North train from GCT to Cortlandt,Carl and I chanced upon Eric and Mark, also going to Blue Mountain. We knew each other from other encounters on Metro North returning from rides. This time we were going to cycle together.

My first time cycling Blue Mountain and it lived up to its reputation; challenging. Eric, Mark and Carl have the talent and courage to ride these trails comfortably. I am just happy to do what I can and be part of it.

Most surface was snow-free but trails varied from solid frozen to mud, with sections of frozen ruts and drop thru thin frosted crust. Sections of northern exposure carried snow, as Graham Hills last week. I dropped my jaw seeing Mark ride a wet, blue iced section without studs.

2.5 to 3 hours were enough. Mark and Eric rode on to Peekskill while Carl and I had every intention of cycling south of the Old Croton Trail, only to miss the correct turn, adding an extra 7.5 miles by circling the park and cutting back through on Montrose Station Road. We too cycled on to Peekskill and the new brewery with a stop at the car wash for a power wash bike cleaning.

My frame does not hold a water bottle well and I suffered for lack of hydration and sugar. Today I bought a back pack and bladder. It won't help my technique but I won't fixate on thirst next week.


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