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Saturday, March 7, 2009

A road ride and mtn bike ride

The first warm day of riding.......

Once again, our rides diverged. Hank and Scott opted for a mtn bike ride; their pictures are above. I went with a road ride. Given recent snowmelt, I was fearful of very muddy dirt roads and trails, and damaging both trails and bike in the process. Plus a road ride on the first warm day of the year was enticing.
Four riding buddies invited me to go with them (Seb, Neil, Shari, Terri) but I (rightly it turns out from Seb's comment to me on Facebook) thought they would hammer and I'd be unable to hold on.

I did a one-way 78-mile road ride to Cold Spring via 9W, Tweed/Bradley ridgeline, Hook Mtn, South Mtn, the nearly 1'000 vertical Gate Hill climb and the highlight of the day: Bear Mtn summit via Perkins. This is a special time for riding up Perkins, given that it's closed to auto and motorcycle traffic till April 1. Just a few hikers up there, and I had the spectacular view to myself.
One interesting note on the train back - the conductor/announcer had a rhyme for every station stop like "there's no comparison to bein' in Garrison', 'ring-a-ding-ding, it's Ossining', and 'don't go bonkers, it's only Yonkers'.

Scott and Hank made me feel jealous, though, since their ride was great as well. Here's Hank's comment:
One fine ride: Manitou, S Mtn Pass trail to Garrison /w stop at White Rock, Snake Hill Rd, Philpse Brook Rd, S Highland Rd, Chimney Rock Trail /w stop at Chimney Rock, Dennytown Rd, 301 to Stillwater Pond via Lower & Upper Pasture Loop, 301 to Cold Spring.
Maybe I'll do a mtn bike ride tomorrow, depending on what I hear about the trails.....

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  1. The off-road trails surfaces were slightly muddy but firm beneath. Obviously frost was still in the ground. There were only a few patches of thick ice but the studs surely made the day.