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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Graham Hills Mtn. Bike.

I needed to pay a visit to family in CT, but decided to leave early and take my mtn bike. I rode the trails of Graham Hills near Pleasantville, NY for a couple of hours. Actually the trails were fantastic - generally snow, ice, and mud-free. The trails were hard and fast.

But on one descent while turning at a switchback, I hit a small ice patch and the bike skidded under me and I went down. Just a minor elbow scrape. It was not worth bringing studs, though. No camera, so no pics.


  1. You are fortunate. My spill on ice in Kent, CT has left me with a weak left wrist. I can function with it but wondering how it will fare holding onto handlebars and pole planting.

  2. Where in CT is the family? Next time you are up this way, plan some extra time for ride on some CT Trails....Mark