This is a blog for a group of outdoor-oriented NYC-area residents to post thoughts and pictures on the latest weekend mountain bike outings. As a group, we've discovered that we're lucky not only live in or near an amazing city, but also to have access to an amazing variety of natural scenery. Biking happens to be the way our group accesses our natural surroundings. Hope this inspires the reader to 'get out there'! - Carl Kulo (blog creator)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mtn Bike Weekend in Parsonfield, Maine

Last weekend I attended a long mtn bike weekend. What a blast! I was personally amazed by the skills of the group. They gave me lots of inspiration to improve my own skills to really get the most of of this great sport. (I'm noticably absent from most of the stunts in the video.)

One of our co-leaders, Bert, expressed this trip better than I could... We all had an awesome time! We had really good accommodations (imagine have a house to yourself), a fantastic host who lives for mountain biking, great guides, a phenomenal trail system that challenged us all, cool stunts, not to forget the great food we had and, to our credit, a fantastic group that showed BCE how much we love mountain biking. We all contributed to the awesome time we had there and this trip was in fact a dream come true for me. A mountain biking weekend getaway! I want to thank everyone who came out on this trip. Clif, if you're reading this, you are now one of my heroes! The stories and laughs we had will be talked about for months to come! Links to more pics here