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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Just a road ride.

Like many today, took advantage of the 'calm-before-the-storm'. John and Hank took off on the 7:46 train to Pawling for another hard-pack adventure in Dutchess/Litchefield County. Too early for me and needed to be back by 3 to meet up with relatives who came into the city for the day.

Thought about a mtn bike ride at Blue Mtn, but some on the WMBA forum noted the trails could be muddy. So I opted for a road ride. Did an 80 mile loop via Saddle River, Spook Rock, South Mtn, Nyack and back - biggest mileage of the year so far. That gives me 382 miles for February and 642 year-to-date. I'll post pics of Hank/John's ride if they took any.

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